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Welcome to The Unbound Hound!

Client Agreement


It is our mission at The Unbound Hound to provide the best pet care service available in the Leominster/Lunenburg areas. To do that, it is of utmost importance that we & clients alike adhere to the guidelines and processes that are set in place to ensure the safety of your beloved pet. At The Unbound Hound, we take pride in delivering the best possible experience to our dogs and their human counterparts alike! Please take time to read our client playbook and sign at the bottom to acknowledge your acceptance of our terms of service.

Christina de Andrade
Owner and Operator

Solo Walks and Group Walks(Monday-Friday 9 am –3:30 pm)

During our 30-minute solo dog walks, your furry friend will get quality, individual attention. We focus on reinforcing appropriate leash behavior with your dog(s) while still keeping the environment fun and rewarding for your pet.

Our 60-minute Group Hikes will be a maximum of 4 dogs of similar size and dispositions. We use several hiking areas across Leominster and Lunenburg dependent on the season to cover between 2-3 miles with your furry friend. We focus on the appropriate dog: dog interactions within these groups and safety is the utmost concern. Group hikes may become group walks depending on severe weather or additional environmental concerns deemed by Christina.

All walks are conducted with the following standards set forth by The Unbound Hound:

  • New clients will be on a probationary/evaluation period for the first 30days.
  • There is a 3-hour window allowance for walks and owners will be given a time slot in which their dog will be picked up.
  • Dogs must demonstrate social aptitude with others in the pack.
  • Dog will not have demonstrated aggressive or threatening behavior towards other dogs prior to joining our pack. If we determine the dog exhibits aggressive behavior during our evaluation period (30 days), we will be unable to provide group services to your dog.
  • Dogs will be matched by temperament or size and will be adjusted as needed.
  • Weekend walks are based on availability and requested by Friday prior and will incur a $5 after-hours charge.
  • Client will make every effort to provide working keys to the unit for entry.
  • Same Day morning walks will be requested by 8 am and walks are not guaranteed
  • Boarding Arrangements will be made with instructions and payment method
  • Please notify The Unbound Hound if your dog is sick or is exhibiting out of normal behavior so walker is aware

*Client intake form must be completed to commence in any walk*

Walking Service includes a clean-up service of any accidents your dog may leave, just let us know where the cleaning supplies are located, and we will do the rest. Feedings and administering medication are also included with service if requested. Please provide instructions for this care and we will be happy to help!

Inclement Weather Agreement:
Safety is the number one priority for The Unbound Hound. During excessive heat (Heat above 87 degrees) and excessive cold (temps below 25 degrees), Christina reserves the right to cut both solo walks and playgroups in avoidance of a number of weather-related safety concerns. All dogs are provided with a water break within their groups and dogs are provided a freshwater bowl after solo walk services when needed. For all hike dogs rain or shine, we ask that you leave a dog-approved towel accessible for your walker to dry your pooch before allowing them full access to your home.

All cancellations of service must be texted DIRECTLY to Christina at 857-615-4365 at least 24 hours prior to service. Any cancellation after that will incur a 50% charge for the service booked. If a walk is not canceled and the walker shows up, you WILL BE CHARGED your normal walk rate.

Balance of services owed will be collected at the end of the week or the beginning of the following week. No more than two weeks of services will remain unpaid at any time for your dog to continue in their walks. If unpaid balances remain longer than two weeks, the Unbound Hound reserves the right to charge a $25.00 late fee for each week left unpaid.

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